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MTi Builds a New Kiosk for Wal-Mart Stores Nationwide

Hillsboro, OR - MTi, Inc., an interactive display manufacturer, has recently designed and built an interactive kiosk for Wal-Mart. The new kiosk will attract consumer electronics shoppers and enable them to sample home theater systems. Wal-Mart will place 1,800 of these kiosks in its stores nationwide this summer.

The kiosk is designed to give customers a comparison of home theater systems, each of which contains five surround sound speakers, a subwoofer and receiver. Once the kiosk is activated, a string of movie trailers begins playing on a built-in television with sound transmitted through the speakers of the selected home theater system. To compare systems, customers need only switch the desired system. While not in use, the display continues to cycle through the movie trailers as an "attract loop."

"The goal was to take a product that is often intimidating for consumers and make it approachable," says Brian Frey, VP of Sales and Marketing for MTi. "This display is simple to use, entertaining and makes it easy to compare different brands of home theater systems."

The display is an original design built by MTi, who also engineered the electronics that control the demonstration. The design incorporates several security features as well, including an enclosure for the receivers and a faceplate over the electronics. The full shipment of 1,800 kiosks was built and delivered within five weeks.

A pioneer of interactive merchandising, MTi has been building electronic retail displays for over 23 years. MTi displays are featured in stores including Wal-Mart, Kmart, Best Buy, Tweeter and Car Toys. In addition to mobile electronics and home audio switching displays, MTi offers video samplers, CD listening stations and interactive kiosks. More information is available on the company at www.mti-interactive.com.

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