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Visual Productions Inc. Helps Mopar Showcase Its Numerous

Products, Services In All-New Traveling Exhibit

CENTERLINE, Mich. - To showcase its various products and services, Mopar Parts

recently unveiled a new, 672-square-foot traveling exhibit, The Mopar Image Center. This one-

of-kind mobile exhibit features a number of interactive kiosks and displays from Visual

Productions, Inc (VPi) of Troy, Mich.

VPi was pivotal in fabricating and installing the 17 electronic units within the 28-by-24

exhibit. The Mopar Image Center display, itself, is divided into sections and its story is presented

through individual modules, each representing a unique part of the Mopar family. By visiting the

exhibit, visitors will be taken on a journey through the exciting history of Mopar, from the 1920s

to the present.

"This has been a labor of love for the past two years," said Vpi President Tom Battaglia.

"Mopar contracted us to build displays and kiosks that would show the diversity of their products

and services. They've long been known for their great motorsports reputation but they wanted to

remind the public that Mopar is much more than just their racing components. I think this

traveling exhibit shows that diversity, effectively and interactively."

Among VPi's featured units in The Mopar Image Center include: a Mopar Image Video

kiosk which outlines "The Mopar Difference" story; a Mopar Vehicle Car Care Center display

that provides tips on keeping your vehicle looking newer with quality Mopar appearance

products, maintenance, repair and collision parts; and a Mopar Sportswear display case, featuring

the latest in quality fashions and collectibles for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Mopar.





Other interior amenities provided by VPi include a Technology portal, providing a

dynamic, three-dimensional image of a minivan featuring Mopar's new Rear Seat Video and

Mopar Navigation System, and a Mopar Motorsports display center which allows visitors to

choose from one of five narrated, fast-paced videos that highlight Mopar's many racing activities.

This display is outfitted with a shifter that allows its user to change rapidly from World of

Outlaws series footage to the high banks of NASCAR Craftsman Truck action. The unit also

features a real Hemi Crate Motor found in numerous racing vehicles.

The Mopar Image Center is scheduled to make more than 30 public appearances

this year, setting up at motorsports races, classic car shows and fairs across the country. Locally,

the exhibit is slated to appear at the Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit (June 16-18),

the Chrysler Jeep Detroit ABPA Gold Cup (July 6-9) and the Woodward Dream Cruise

(August 19).

Founded in 1991, Visual Productions, Inc. specializes in brand and product-focused

marketing solutions from retail design, event marketing, merchandising and interactive kiosk

programs. VPi is a two-time Chrysler Gold Pentastar Award winner and has garnered a number

of industry-related awards.

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