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Sitekiosk Accepting PATN enabled access cards

SiteKiosk&tm; , of PROVISO GmbH, an operating browser software for public Internet access terminals, today announced that it will begin accepting PATN enabled access cards as payment for access time through its software. PATN (Public Access Terminal Networks) is the global authentication, authorization and accounting clearinghouse system for Public Internet access cards. Integration of the PATN solution means that any access card with the PATN logo now has the ability to be honored as a form of payment at any terminal operating SiteKiosk software.

SiteKiosk becomes the most recent public Internet access provider to complete an agreement with the emerging PATN payment standard. PATN will standardize authentication, authorization and accounting between kiosk, cyber cafe companies and access card issuers such as ISP's, Calling Card providers, Membership card providers and Internet content providers. Companies that incorporate their existing card systems or issue new access cards are now able extend their web presence across Internet terminals worldwide through the network of PATN participating terminals. Terminals running the SiteKiosk software now have the capability to be a part of this emerging network.

PATN enabled access cards will soon be available from a number of companies and can be identified by the green and gold "PATN" logo on the bottom right hand corner of every card. Participating SiteKiosk locations will carry the PATN logo branding the terminal so PATN enabled cardholders can easily identify the terminal to gain Internet access when not at their normal connection. A user who swipes an access card at a terminal running SiteKiosk software will receive Internet access and content in a consistent manner that they are accustomed to receiving at home or work.

SiteKiosk of PROVISIO GmbH (www.SiteKiosk.com), is the leading kiosk software developer running on over thousands of independent locations in over 40 countries. SiteKiosk is a leader in the public Internet interface browser market, receiving the highest marks in quality from leading software reviewers, such as a five star rating from Zdnet. SiteKiosk clients include companies such as UCLA, Siemens, Verizon (Wireless), Daimler Chrysler, IBM and Deutsche Telekom. The SiteKiosk secure browser provides a user friendly, tamper free interface for terminals providing public Internet access.

Public Access Terminal Networks, Inc. (PATN) (www.patn.net), is the clearinghouse for all card based transactions at any point of Public Internet Access. PATN is building a global network of companies participating as card issuers and card acceptors that will accept a common payment standard. PATN has developed patent pending technology to facilitate clearinghouse transactions between companies that own and operate public Internet terminals and companies that market access on them through prepaid, postpaid, or promotional access cards. PATN does not make or distribute cards, nor does PATN own or operate kiosks. PATN allows third party card issuers to purchase access time on all of its terminals and distribute this access to their customers in a variety of formats. Card issuers can restrict which web sites are viewed or not viewed, including the start page of each session based on the message and function of the private labeled access card. PATN cards allow both the issuer and end user to fully customize each session while fully compensating all terminal owners for the time used at their kiosks.

SOURCE: Public Access Terminal Networks, Inc. , PROVISIO GmbH


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