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On July 24, 2001 we posted a news release from one of our members, Degasoft which announced their new office expansion into the United States (see link). Degasoft produces Kudos and their software has been awarded Kiosks.Org Best of Show award multiple times.

For this interview Kiosks.org contacted David Reap, Regional Vice President of U.S.Operations. Based in metro Atlanta, Reap will advance Degasoft's sales,channel development, operations and marketing efforts throughout NorthAmerica.

  1. Org: With the new attention to the U.S. market, what methods will you be using to increase market share?

    Reap: I am targeting marketing efforts on large corporations and developing strategic partnerships to quickly gain a foothold in the North American marketplace.

  2. Org: Can you give us any idea on how much business and/or licenses that Kudos has in the US?

    Reap: Until now, all of our license sales in the US have been through Touchpoint--they have been very effective in generating business and creating awareness of Kudos software in this region.

  3. Org: What can other kiosk software providers expect from this new U.S. emphasis?

    Reap: The new office puts Degasoft in a much stronger position to redefine the kiosk management software space and compete aggressively for business and mindshare.

  4. Org: Will Degasoft be involved in promoting the overall value of kiosks in the U.S. market?

    Reap: Degasoft will continue to be aggressive in promoting the overall value of kiosks. In fact, through the development of strategic partnerships, we will encourage companies to move business critical applications to kiosks and ultimately to customers, to accelerate the use of customer centric solutions.

  5. Org: Do you anticipate partnering agressively with other US self-service/kiosk companies and is that likely?

    Reap: Degasoft will partner with companies that have a proven track record in providing world class solutions and services to large corporations. It is our intention to drive exponential growth through a strong channel program.

  6. Org: You must have some existing clients here in the US right? Can you name some?

    Reap: Some of our previous and existing clients in the US include Ford Motor Company, Hitachi and Jiffy Lube.

  7. Org: So which markets do you see as largest opportunities?

    Reap: We see big opportunity in the gaming, entertainment, banking and retail markets. Kudos is in an outstanding position to become the software standard for the development, deployment and operation of interactive terminals and kiosks.

  8. Org: Touchpoint in Canada was the exclusive distributor for Kudos in US. What happened there?

    Reap: We will announce any outcome of current negotiations with Touchpoint.

  9. Org: Who is your biggest competition?

    Reap: Companies that try to develop solutions inhouse soon discover that it's expensive and difficult to maintain and usually don't produce satisfactory results. Many companies are still defining how they are going to extend their enterprise to reach their customers with kiosks - leading to decisions that can effect budgets and internal priorities. Once they see the Kudos solution, companies realize that Kudos is an complete solution that is easy to deploy.

  10. Org: Will you be raising more money?

    Reap: Yes, we are currently in the planning stage for our second round of funding.

  11. Org: So what's next!

    Reap: Expect to see Degasoft continue to grow and maintain our 12+ month product advantage. Overall, we see no limits to our potential.

We want to thank Kat Song for her wonderful assistance in setting up this interview for us. It is refreshing to see companies communicating in this way to the industry and I for one appreciate it. THANKS KAT!

For more information contact:

Kat Song
1901 L Street NW #300
Washington DC 20036
phone +1 (202) 736 1657
[email protected]

or Visit www.degasoft.com


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