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TouchSystems Finds Home in Kiosk Market: Meeting Growing Demands for Interactive Market Research Industry

Survey America, OpinioNation, & TechXperts Select TouchSystems as Key Vendor

Round Rock, Texas� July 25, 2001 � TouchSystems� all-in-one Touch PCs, where the monitor and computer are combined into one compact package, are becoming the product of choice for interactive market research applications.

Survey America, the Polling industry leader, has chosen MediaTouch as its Interactive Kiosk for its user-friendly design, attractive appearance, and portability. OpinioNation and TechXperts have also designated TouchSystems as their official Touch PC/ Kiosk vendor.

According to OpinioNation, TechXperts, and Survey America, touch integration has enabled them to increase the speed and accuracy of research collection, making market research more attainable and effective across a larger application base. Companies that previously would not have considered conducting surveys now see it as feasible, due to the lower costs and improved results touch automation provides.

Interactive surveys are being used to obtain valuable market analysis on everything from customer satisfaction, quality of health care (patient- satisfaction), new product/ service feasibility, employee attitudes/perceptions, public opinions, testing advertising/ PR programs and more.

Survey America was the first company to implement touch technology to conduct market research. �We chose to integrate touch because it is so much more effective than traditional polling methods�, said Reg Shrigley, President of Survey America. �While most people go out of their way to avoid a �clipboard� pollster, we routinely survey 85% or more of those we ask to participate.�

Survey America has conducted successful interactive poles in many types of environments, including: SuperBowls, the American Heart Association, Manor Hotels, Red Lobster, major international airports, and the 1994 World Cup Soccer.

Michael Keane, President of OpinioNation, said that he is planning to install the interactive survey computers throughout Canada�s bus service centers. �The touch computers are so easy to use�, said Michael Keane. �People are more willing to participate because it�s still rather novel and fun to use a touch computer. Plus, it�s very quick, we can conduct a 20 question survey in three-minutes.�

OpinioNation, based in Canada, has installed several of TouchSystems� MM units in high-profile locations, such as the Canadian House of Parliament. Also, OpinioNation debuted TouchSystems� MediaTouch at the recent Summit of the Americas in Quebec City.

Debbie Russell, CEO of TechXperts, touts the benefits of automation that touch integration allows, citing that there is no need to hire data entry people to go back and recreate the data. �We can produce a 150 page-report in one day versus six weeks delivery time using standard polling methods.� This exponentially improves the accuracy, speed, and cost of the analysis. Debbie went on to say, �What�s more, because people don�t have to look the surveyor in the eye and hand them their personal answers, they feel much more free to be completely truthful with a computer.�

About TouchSystems
TouchSystems Corporation was established in 1996 by one of the original founders of touchscreen technology. With over 100 years combined touchscreen expertise, TouchSystems is dedicated to delivering the most advanced touch technology, including wireless capabilities. TouchSystems, based in Round Rock, Texas, is a privately held company. �Your Partner in Touch Solutions.�

For More Information Contact:

Survey America
Contact: Reg Shrigley
Ph: 407.644.7655
Email: [email protected]

Contact: Michael Keane
Ph: 613.824.7553
Email: [email protected]

Contact: Debbie Russell
Ph: 561.999.0490
Email: [email protected]

Contact: Michelle Sims
Ph: 512.388.0090 ext. 26
Email: [email protected].



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