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MEI Introduces AE2600 Bill Acceptor for Retail Kiosk Applications

Cash sale option helps kiosk operators boost profits and increase customer satisfaction

WEST CHESTER, PA - July 26, 2000 - MEI, the world's leading supplier of high-performance electronic payment systems, announced its new AE2600 bill acceptor that accepts $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 bills for use in retail kiosks. The AE2600 uses advanced optics and bill transport technology to provide ultra-reliable performance in unattended kiosk applications.

The AE2600, like all MEI bill acceptors, utilizes patented, multi-wavelength optic technology. This technology enables the versatile MEI AE2600 bill acceptor to handle torn, wrinkled, faded, or dirty currency; allows consumers to insert bills up, down and facing either direction; provides the industry's highest protection from counterfeit; ensures a minimum 95% acceptance rate; and reduces the need for service and routine maintenance.

Performance and reliability are hallmarks of the AE2600 system. Its advanced streamlined bill transport design eliminates the need for jam-prone magnetic pinch rollers in the bill path. This reduces the possibility of bill jams to levels previously unseen in unattended applications.

The AE2600 bill acceptor also features MARS® FLASHPORT™ re-programmable flash memory solution that enables operators to quickly and cost-effectively update software files to recognize new currency designs.

MEI Introduces AE2600 Bill Acceptor for Retail Kiosk applications…

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"OEMs have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on the retail kiosk industry, which is predicted to mushroom into a $7.5 billion dollar industry by 2006," said Fiona Naughton, global business development manager at MEI. "More than twice as many purchases are made with cash today than with credit cards and electronic payment systems combined, and at least 28% of U.S. residents still don't own a credit or debit card. So, retail kiosks must be capable of accepting cash for optimal profit and customer satisfaction. The AE2600 is an ideal choice to specify into the design of most kiosks."

MEI's AE2600 bill acceptors are available in upstacking and downstacking configurations to accommodate virtually any kiosk design. All products feature convenient access to switches and easy-to-read labels. Operation can be customized with a single switch configuration coupon.

For more information, visit MEI's Web site at www.meiglobal.com. or call (800) 345-8215.

MEI (formerly Mars Electronics International) and a division of Mars, Incorporated, has been developing the world's most advanced, secure, and high-performance electronic payment systems since 1969, and has the world's largest installed base of electronic coin mechanisms. By working with customers, MEI has contributed not only to the success of vending, but is the world leader in the applications of cash payment systems in the retail, payphone, gaming, amusement, lottery, retail petroleum, ATM, kiosk, and transportation industries. MEI's range of products includes electronic cash acceptors, coin change-giving machines, card-based cashless payment systems, and electronic audit systems. MEI employs 1,200 associates worldwide with four ISO-certified manufacturing plants on three continents, sales offices in 10 countries, and a distribution network covering more than 100 countries.

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MEI is a division of the worldwide Mars, Incorporated group>

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