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Wirestation takes retailers forward using touch-screen driven retail sales-support technology

Wirestation have assisted BT Retail (British Telecommunications PLC) by developing a new point of sale advisory system based on Intranet technology

The new digital point of sale system combines front-end design with a well configured back-end system to create an intuitive, flexible and powerful product selection system.

Wirestation was assisted by Cambridge Consultants Limited who provided the EasyChoiceTM software as an element of Wirestation's new touch-screen technology.

The digital point of sale software application for BT enables a customer, through a clearly designed interface to choose a specific product tailored to their requirements. This is achieved by a set of 'sliding bars' which determine the selection criteria ranking them from most to least important and matching closest choices.

Wirestation has created for BT a powerful innovative means to close a new sale.

Further details can be obtained from Ian Capon ([email protected])

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