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  Peter Lowe - LGC

Leading kiosk manufacturer, NeoProducts announced last week it had acquired one of the UK's longest established kiosk developers, LGC Associates, for an undisclosed sum. LGC, established since 1985, pioneered the kiosk market in the UK and across Europe providing custom design and standard products for public access solutions to many sectors including retailers, governments and businesses. (See related news release).

We had a few questions we wanted to ask Peter Lowe.

  1. Org: How long have you been in this business in some form/fashion?

    Peter: I started designing and providing public access info systems as long ago as1985.I was probably the first to start integrating PC technology into enclosures[kiosks] in the UK if not Europe at that time.My clients at that time were Banks... Dept of Employment ..Kodak ....Car manufacturers and car retailers...High street retailers...Airlines and Leisure operators.

  2. Org: Given the acquisition by Neo, to what extent will you remain involved?

    Peter: Very much so as a principal consultant to Neo. My responsobility is the development with Mike of the UK and European buisness, and specifically on large corporate accounts.

  3. Org: The economy is just re-emerging over in the US, how it is in the UK?

    Peter: Good....[I HOPE]....lots of opportunity in the public sector...travel and leisure markets...Retail will always be a hard one to crack in the UK. Local as well as National Government is seen by us a big growth potential. Neo is very well placed to corner a big piece of that market.

  4. Org: Is there anything new happening ATM-wise over in the UK?

    Peter: The ATM market is expanding very quickly in the UK. My other business interest INFOCASH is growing well, you should talk to my partner in that buisness Eamonn O,Nolan.

  5. Org: Any general comments?

    Peter: I think the press release that mike and i sent out last week sums up our ambitions and thoughts for the future.


For more information, visit the LGC website


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