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Companion Systems
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Steven Spiro : [email protected]
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Companion Systems Manufacturers SwingCam's Interactive Kiosks

Companion Systems has been chosen by SwingCam, Inc as its design and manufacturing partner for interactive golf swing analysis kiosks.

September 18, 2001 Salt Lake City, UT - Companion Systems (www.companionsystems.com) formally announced today that it has been selected by New York-based SwingCam Inc (www.swingcam.com) as the company's exclusive design and manufacturing partner for the customer-operated golf swing analysis system.

Companion Systems designed and manufactures the indoor and outdoor interactive kiosk devices that are part of SwingCam's golf recording and analysis technology. The two companies have been working together to customize the enclosure, designed by Companion Systems exclusively for SwingCam, for aesthetic appeal, environmental durability, technical functionality, and mobility.

"After spending almost a full year researching various kiosk companies, our goal was to find a company that could build an enclosure that withstood the harsh outdoor environment of a golf course and was both aesthetically and functionally superior," said Steven Spiro, president of SwingCam. "Hands-down, Companion Systems was the only company that possessed the experience in weather resistant kiosk enclosures, and the strong ability to integrate a full and total solution. We found the pricing and services helped us reduce our overall cost while greatly improving the product offering. You see the quality from the expert designers all the way through to the skilled engineers and craftsmen in the manufacturing floor - pure dedication."

The SwingCam system consists of the Instant Replay Unit (IRU) the outdoor, weather and impact-proofed unit which records golfer's swings using dual video cameras and the main kiosk or the SwingCam website which allow golfers to analyze the swing and receive input after the game. Earlier this year, SwingCam announced an agreement with Nike Golf for a joint website permitting analysis of golf swings recorded on the SwingCam system installed at Nike Golf Learning Centers across the country.

"The unique function and design of the SwingCam system breaks new ground in the kiosk market," according to Al Tiley, CEO of Companion Systems. "A true interactive experience occurs beyond the touch of a screen or keyboard. The boundaries of interactive expand through instant replay of the swing and routing video and critical statistics to the kiosk for evaluation of the golfer's style and consistency. This type of cutting edge technology finds its home in Companion Systems kiosks, where durability and pleasing aesthetics meet to provide SwingCam the quality product expected at world class golf courses."

To date, SwingCam has installations at golf courses and driving ranges in California, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. SwingCam expects to install hundreds of systems worldwide over the next few years.

About Companion Systems
Companion Systems, Inc., based in Salt Lake City, is a leader in the design and production of brand-enhancing, interactive products. With nearly 20 years in the retail imaging business, Companion Systems has designed products for diverse businesses in the U.S. and around the world. From self-service kiosks, ATM enclosures, ATM surrounds, architectural fixtures, modular mini branches and signage, Companion Systems brings superior quality to its interactive kiosks and ATM environments. More information is available at

About SwingCam, Inc.
SwingCam has developed the first customer-operated, video capture and replay system that allows golfers to view their swings at golf practice facilities. SwingCam is committed to providing the best in interactive learning for golfers of all levels. Golf swings are instantly available for on-site analysis using the SwingCam kiosk inside the golf facility. Additionally, swings are automatically uploaded to the Internet for extensive analysis and comprehensive game management services. More information on SwingCam is available at



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