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Background Information

National Electronic Technologies, Inc. a Canadian manufacturer and software developer of PC based games with more than 37 years experience in the coin operated industry has released it newest PC based product called VideoNET. http://www.natel.ca

Along with having the standard communications of Internet and email applications VideoNET offers an entertainment games network and the world's first commercial video messaging application called Video Mail. Other applications on the countertop and upright terminals include a secure browser with built in unsuitable content filter, remote access advertising opportunities, news, weather, sports, stocks and an awesome chat application for the talkative ones.

VideoNET has been featured by Intel Corporation in March '98 in their booth at The Amusement Showcase International trade show in Las Vegas as one of the most innovative PC Based Games for 1998/99.

The VideoNET terminals have been shipped to 18 distributors in the USA and into 6 Provinces in Canada. For more information on VideoNET please contact National Electronic Technologies, Inc. at 1.800.563.4969 or visit our web page at http://www.natel.ca and contact us by email.

Thanks Kinetic!

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