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Tesco awards major Managed Services contract to Siemens IT Service

Five year agreement to support nationwide EPoS network

Siemens IT Service has won a major five year IT service contract from Tesco. Under the contract, Siemens will deliver a comprehensive range of Managed Services including site management, software implementation, software support and hardware maintenance. This will provide on-going support for Tesco's entire Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) network across 621 stores in the UK.

Last year, Tesco began its major 'ProgreSS' project which involved replacing previous generation Point of Sale technology with BEETLE EPoS systems from Siemens. When completed, the ProgreSS project roll-out will provide Tesco with an upgradeable Pentium-based systems infrastructure that will support the delivery of value-added customer services at the Point of Sale, using advanced touchscreen and thermal printer technology.

"Siemens has been a Tesco strategic partner in the development and support of Point of Sale technology since 1987 and was selected through the Tesco best of breed policy for suppliers," commented Phil Matus, Head of IT Support at Tesco PLC. "At Tesco, IT is a key part of our customer-focused approach and creates genuine advantage for us as a business. Consequently, it is essential we work with Siemens to develop and maintain the industry's most comprehensive Point of Sale network."

Neil Allpress, Managing Director at Siemens IT Service, added: "Siemens' Managed Services approach means that we can configure focused service solutions for individual customers that combine tailored and packaged service products. Tesco is committed to First Class Customer Service and by using this approach, we can ensure value-added support for the staff who use the UK's most successful Point of Sale network."

Siemens IT Service has developed a totally integrated managed services capability for customers' networked IT environments. It offers services for the remote management of desktops, servers, and networks, as well as installation, maintenance, consultancy, help desk facilities, software, and software support to provide end-to-end ownership and support throughout the lifecycle of customers' IT systems.

Siemens IT Service has both expanded its traditional IT support services and introduced a wide range of new services to ensure that customers have access to all the skills and facilities they need, when they need them. The service portfolio covers all major distributed computing technologies and is vendor-independent, including specialisations in platforms such as IBM's RS/6000, ICL's DRS 3000/6000, IBM and ICL PoS systems, NCR ATMs and corporate PC networks.

Tesco is acknowledged as a leader in the development and implementation of new value-added customer services. Its Clubcard customer loyalty programme currently has some 10 million members, and the company is a leader in Internet Shopping. Tesco has some 621 stores in the UK and 76 stores in the Republic of Ireland. There are also 41 stores in Hungary, 32 in Poland, 13 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and one store in Calais.

Siemens Information and Communication Products is part of the major DM50 billion turnover Siemens Information and Communications business, which is made up of three Groups: Information and Communication Products, Information and Communication Networks and Siemens Business Services. This new business was formed on October 1, 1998 in response to the growing requirement for converged IT and communications products and services. In the UK, Siemens Information and Communication Products includes four businesses: Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems Limited, Siemens IT Service, Siemens Computer Systems and Siemens Communication Devices.

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For more information on Siemens Information and Communication Products Group, please view the company's Virtual Press Office on http://www.sni.co.uk/vpo

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