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NY, NY November 2000 A report issued on kiosks in the retail market place gives a virtual thumbs down to the majority of retailers embracing kiosks in their stores. The exception was the eOSK, used by Bloomingdale’s and developed by Knowledge Strategies Group, New York based omnitailing consultants.

International kiosk consulting firm Summit-Research Associates, released their latest report Kiosk Industry Sector Report for the Retail Space. The report is a critical look at the functionality of currently deployed retail segment kiosk solutions. Included in the report were kiosks from six major retailers, ranging from apparel to electronics.

All of the mentioned retailers’ kiosk solutions were judged to have flaws. Attract Loop, the screensaver that appears when a kiosk is not in use, and user interface design were often highlighted as problem areas for these systems. Bloomingdale’s however was the only system reviewed to any acclaim.

“The eOSK…offer(s) the complete range of shopping experiences, more than any of the other store options. The developers made sure that all the desired functions a shopper might require are available on the eOSK. These kiosks have proven to be very popular and innovative.”

Summit Research Associates

Founded in 1994, KStrat (www.kstrat.com) focuses on delivering innovative business solutions that leverage its technology and design expertise. Following these principles, KStrat has not only been profitable since its inception, but has grown a formidable roster of clients that lead the digital marketplace.

A full report can be obtained by visiting Summit Research online at: www.summit-res.com.


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