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Vienna/Austria 001209; The University of Vienna utilizes, starting from the coming term, Internet kiosks for registration purposes for university students. As a total conception 24 PIT webterminals (http://www.pit- webterminals.com)of the company H82 neue medien were installed first in the principal building of the University. For the time being the systems are to provide support for the log-on possibibilities in the Internet also locally as well as to enable access to the central lecture and personnel directory and also to institute information and student homepages.

For the university systems a software solution of SiteKiosk was adapted by H82 . This platform offers the maintenance-free and reliable operation of public terminals and is also used constantly by the company H82 neue medien in the congress and meeting area field for public accessible systems. Werner Boess, managing director of the company H82 neue medien, considers what he terms as "PIT is positioned on the school bench again" as amusing and positive simultaneously. In Austria there is no better technical administration as is represented by the university of Vienna. We conceived PIT as a communication solution for the public area and already had completed the first " Roll Out Phase " in the summer of 2000 with 30 systems at renowned places in Vienna. Meanwhile PIT was evaluated for a country wide application.

As public Internet terminals, PIT Webterminal are in possession of a completely different structure of software ,however we did not have to apply the entire structure of the systemadministration to the university devices. The selection of the platform occurred in a customized manner. By means of newly formed partnerships we are in the position to offer a variety of terminals and kiosks as well as to implement necessary adaptations concerning the program variants and the scope thereof in accordance to the customer's requests, regardless of whether they are required for trade, public institutions or non- standard applications.


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