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Plug & Play Volume 8  Issue Number 20 Millennium plans special issue
Official newsletter of the Interactive Digital Media Association and the DVD 
Contents: The future plans of the IDMA and DVDA.

>From the Chief Executive.
May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday, whatever you 
celebrate and a safe and Y2K problem free, new year.  
IDMA/DVDA in the year 2000.
Interest in DVD has increased dramatically over the last few months.  So much 
so that providing support and answers to all the questions, coupled with all 
the other tasks involved in running an association, has become more that one 
person can handle.  At the same time, a greater interest in DVD has started 
to emerge in Europe.
Europe, however, is very different from North America.  It has different 
needs, different products and different suppliers.
During the start up phase of the DVDA we did not have the resources to 
differentiate, but as European interest in DVD increases we feel the time is 
right to have a separate organization.  As there is not currently a DVD 
developers' association in Europe, we have decided to reorganize the DVDA to 
include this important market.
The following structure has been agreed by the Board of Directors and will be 
in place by Jan 2000:
The overall body with the corporate responsibility for taxes and policy will 
remain the DVD Association, based at the present address and staffed as now 
by the Chief Executive.
However, the day to day operation of the association will be undertaken by 
two new regional associations, DVDA-North America and DVDA-Europe. Both will 
be staffed by an Executive Director, based in their respective regions.  Each 
will have their own Board of Directors, be supported financially by their own 
Corporate Sponsors and guided by their own Advisory Council.
Sue Cook has been appointed Executive Director for DVDA-Europe and David 
McDowall, Executive Director for DVDA-North America. 
The next issue of Plug & Play will have contact details and much more 
information on the new organization.
Sue, David and myself will share the workload to best suit our strengths and 
I am sure between us we can create and run a credible support association for 
everyone involved with the DVD platform, both in Europe and in North America.

The main objectives of the association will continue to be the support of our 
members and the promotion of DVD in the corporate world, with the help of the 
Plug & Play newsletter, our website, the awards, regional summits and an 
exhibition program.

Regional chapters
We are all agreed, however, that the strength of the new association will 
come from the regional chapters.  DVDA-North America will have chapters in 
the main areas of activity throughout North America, while DVDA-Europe will 
have a national chapter in each European country.
The mid-Atlantic and New York regions have both demonstrated how important 
chapters are, having held successful first meetings resulting in new members 
and a great deal of interest.

Prospects for year 2000
The new millennium provides an exciting opportunity for all of us, 
particularly those involved with new technologies at the beginning of their 
life cycle, such as DVD. 
We feel that the DVDA has an important part to play in the success of the DVD 
platform, which in turn means the success of your companies.  There is one 
thing above all that we need to make DVD successful, and that is your 
support.  When you become involved with the association you are no longer out 
there on your own, you are a member of the DVD family. Working together, 
helping each other, providing information and support, that is what we can do 
for each other.  In return, you have to be involved… involved in your local 
chapter, attending the annual Summit meetings, entering your best efforts in 
the awards competitions.  Making sure we know about your successes so we can 
tell the other members.  Making sure we know about your mistakes so we can 
warn the other members.  DVD is a big wheel, let's not invent it one at a 
time, let's all do it together - it will be quicker and less expensive.
The IDMA, which is currently providing funds for virtually all the DVDA 
activities, will continue to do so until the DVDA and it's two regional 
associations are self supporting.

The IDMA will also continue to support new emerging Plug & Play technologies 
- principally Panasonic's M2 - while continuing to support those working in 
platforms such as CD-i, SVCD, VideoCD and Web-TV.
Over the last three years, M2 has achieved credibility and recognition as the 
successor to these older platforms and is emerging as a strong alternative to 
DVD for titles requiring special features.  Developers can custom configure 
the M2X player to meet their clients' needs in a way that is not possible 
within the confines of the DVD spec.  This modular construction enables 
another important feature, the ability to replace any individual component in 
the event of failure, rather than the complete player.  Most of M2's 
successes involve the larger developers and Fortune 500 companies, and are 
currently closely guarded secrets.  But as these projects are rolled out 
during early 2000, it is our opinion that many other companies looking for 
high impact, interactive titles not bound by the restrictions of the DVD 
specification will consider using M2X.  The IDMA will therefore continue to 
support M2 developers, redesigning our website as the 
principle source of information and support on this platform.
Meanwhile, will be restructured as an entirely DVD orientated 
website, which should go a long way to answering the critics who find the 
present websites' dual personality confusing.  

Many of you have been enjoying free trail membership while we built the DVDA 
into something worth joining, with benefits you could see and take to your 
accounts department.  Many of you have also been listed on the DVDA website 
for free. Well, it is time for the DVDA to stand on it's own two feet.  It is 
now an association that you can be proud to be a member of.  Many of you are 
adding the logo to your websites and letterheads; there is value in being a 
member.  Early next year we will ask you, if you are not already a member, to 
join the association, pay your corner and help us to continue building this 
exciting association, making it self funding and independent of the IDMA by 
the end of 2000.
As most of our active members are still involved with, and making a living 
using the older platforms, anyone joining either association will be a member 
of both IDMA and DVDA until at least the end of 2000.

Mid-Atlantic chapter
Today, Thursday, December 9, 1999 is the date for the next meeting of the 
mid-Atlantic chapter of the DVDA. This meeting will have the voting for DVDA 
chapter posts, and the award winning DVD, Sherlock Holmes, will be shown by 
its creator, Duane Tucker. Food and drink provided. 
The meeting will be at Henninger Arlington, 2601-A Wilson Boulevard, 
Arlington, Virginia 22201.  Call 703-243-3444 for directions.  RSVP to 
[email protected]

New York chapter
40 people attended the first New York chapter meeting.  Several of them have 
since joined the association.

Philips SVCD Toolset
Philips has appointed Script IMS as distributor for its Super Video CD 
toolset throughout the Western countries.
Contact: Peter  Theihzen. Tel: +31 570010655. E-mail: [email protected]   

Bill Foster, until last month VP International at AIX Media Group, tells us 
that AIX has decided to concentrate its current efforts and resources on the 
U.S. market and its recently announced Australian joint venture. As a result, 
the U.K. joint venture with Sensible Music Group is being wound up. 
Any leads on employment opportunities for someone with an extensive knowledge 
of DVD that dates back to the format's inception in 1995 are therefore most 
welcome, Foster says.  He can be contacted at +44 20 8449 5399 - e-mail: 
[email protected]

More CD-i players for sale
UPI have about 200 new Philips 615 CD-i players available for sale.  
Contact UPI Interactive Inc.    Bob Kames Jr.   ([email protected]), (262) 
798-9779, ext 20.   

Nimbus name change
As you probably know, Nimbus Manufacturing merged with film industry giant 
Technicolor a little over a year ago. Since the merger, Nimbus has been 
referred to as "Nimbus, a Technicolor Company", but from now on both 
companies are to be known as Technicolor. 

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