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Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Invision Media and KDSPixeltouch announce partnering plans

KDS Pixeltouch of California and Invision Network Media Corp of Florida and Toronto announced today their decision to partner on a Medical Information Kiosk System to be installed in Hospitals throughout North America. The centers provide patients, visitors and administration personnel with key information on daily activities and developments within the Hospital. An extensive directory of Hospital support services helps smooth the transition and minimize uncertainty for patients.

A thorough assessment of the benefits to both parties and the structure of the agreement is currently under way. It is anticipated that Invision and KDS will be able to finalize this partnership agreement by mid January 2001.

About KDS

KDS is the leading global solution for manufacturing, and servicing touch screens for Internet-enabled kiosks. KDS has developed superior technology and is supported by world-class strategic partners from all industry sectors.

KDS is the premier touch screen manufacturer that provides a leading hardware and software solution to efficiently bring kiosk owners, buyers and sellers together in a single, non-partisan marketplace.

About Invision

Invision Media Network, a Florida Corporation formed in 1999, is currently a source for advertising content and visual display space available throughout Invision's network of Kiosk locations. Invision's sales office in Toronto has formed alliances with several major advertising sales groups to provide revenue sharing opportunities to kiosk owners.

For additional information, please contact:
Invision Media Network Corp.
[email protected]

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