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ETM Entertainment, Inc.,  joins with Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., to create an Interactive Electronic Ticketing Machine.

ETM Entertainment Network has retained Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., (FMA) a full service merchandising company, to design and produce the interactive Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM).  The ETM Entertainment Network kiosk captures consumer’s attention and encourages them to experience the convenience and benefits of using electronic ticketing.

The units allow consumers the opportunity to view available seating at a venue, select their seats and receive their tickets instantly by simply using a touch screen.   The touch screen is user-friendly and an added benefit is significant cost savings over other fee-based competition that provide ticketing services.  In addition, sound and video attract attention to this device, generating interest and traffic wherever a unit is located.

FMA has designed and produced over 700 of these kiosks in the US and 30 in New Zealand with placement in high traffic areas including grocery stores, malls, sport venues and CD/Video stores.   The kiosk is constructed from three modules that are powder coated metal with vacuum formed shrouds around the monitor.  An audio dome is housed above the unit to keep the sound confined to the current user area.  The middle and bottom portions of the unit are shipped out in one carton and the top in another with the audio dome.  Upon arrival at their destination the modules are installed with internal client supplied software and hardware components and secured within the individually locked units.

Founded in 1931, Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., is one of the largest privately held point-of-purchase, non-media marketing companies in the United States.  FMA maintains sales offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Netherlands, Sao Paulo and Port Alegre, Brazil.

For further information contact:
Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc
1975 Wisconsin Ave
Grafton, WI  53024
Contact:  Allen Buchholz

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