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Second Chance Kiosks brokers kiosks between companies with excess or unwanted inventory and those seeking to purchase kiosks for new initiatives and applications at a reduced fee. “The concept is not new or novel” stated Robin Wiedeman, President of Second Chance Kiosks,” but the need is there.”

Second Chance Kiosks has been observing the devastating effects of the economy on the kiosk industry and decided to try and help out. Many companies dove into the kiosk arena hoping to catch the wave. Unfortunately, the wave has come fatally crashing down on many of these start-up companies as evidenced by the appearance of bankruptcy notices. Other companies banking on the allure of the Internet and the advertising revenue model, are now confronting a lack of funding from advertising. In many instances, these companies have kiosks sitting in the market not generating enough revenue to cover the cost of leasing.

Robin Wiedeman, President of Second Chance Kiosks stated, “ A lot of people are hurting. If we can be a facilitator to help connect people with non productive and costly inventory and people with a kiosk initiative looking to move forward with caution and limited funds, then we have helped promote the well being of the industry.”

If you have an inventory of kiosks that you would like to get out from under, or if you are searching for a cost effective entry into the kiosk industry arena, call Second Chance Kiosks @ 973-383-7811. They will be glad to obtain the specifics of your situation and work to facilitate a transaction that is favorable to your circumstances.

If the kiosk you are looking for has specific software application requirements, Second Chance Kiosks can equip machines to meet your specifications. As a hardware integrator, they can also be of invaluable assistance in site surveys, installation, maintenance, repair, remote monitoring, and remote management.

Robin Wiedeman
Pres. Second Chance Kiosks
[email protected]


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